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Bill's Flowers How to get organized You never need 80% of what you file, still. New folders, color coding and labels cut down on misfiles. "Miscellaneous" is cheating. Fire-proof cabinets work for fire, water, mildew and theft. No cardboard boxes ever. Corporate Edge organizes offices.

Flowers Getting there Lunch: take time, eat with friends, don't talk shop. Even if you work a zillion hours, you can't do everything. Delegating is healthy. We will get you organized.

flowers Don't do it yourself Delegate and call us. It doesn't mean you're totally off the hook, but it's not too shabby. We're your paper pushers, cabinet fillers, trash tossers, garbage mavens, logistics lulus. Recycling and donations help share our good fortune with others. Selling usable office equipment can be useful as well. It's good preparation for a move too.

Roseanna We know, we know. It's a process. It keeps repeating and that's okay. Busy is a very good problem to have.

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Mike's Pastry
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City Landing
NEW ON One for the Table

Fairstead Kitchen

If you lived here, you'd be home now

Dawn Sibor's Seafood Salad

Lobster, shrimp, crab all here

Bistro du Midi

Vive La France

Fuji 1546

Fuji sushi on the South Shore

Barcelona Wine Bar

Think you're lost? You're here
Adams Avenue Grill

A class act seven days a week

Sushi Ota

California dreaming

Evoo la la

Amber Road Cafe
Worth the wait

Steel & Rye

Come as you are

Bon appetit

New Shanghai

Seems like old times

Flour Bakery
Eat dessert first

Estelle's Southern

Sudden hospitality on Tremont
Blue Dragon

Tofu-teas on A St in Fort Point

Seiyo Sushi + Wine


Maggie's Farm
BLTA and T & A

Tremont 647
Pimms on the patio in pajamas

224 Boston St
Brain freeze and a pork chop


Eat at Jae's, live forever

Meet me

Taranta rah!

The Butcher Shop
Meat up

The Gallows
Les Boone's Farm lives

No backsies

Thelonious Monkfish

Plums Cafe
82 miles for lunch
Some like it really hot

Myers + Chang
Sum dim sum
Russell House Tavern
I'm hungry, let's eat

Island Creek Oyster Bar
Best bar none and ever

B & G Oysters
Pearls with wine

St. Patrick's Drinks
It's not easy being green

Area Four
This pizza is a ten

Think Pink
It's cabbage, get over it

Grill 23
Going on 30

Eastern Standard
High marks

Legal Sea Foods
Reel dinner

Thanksgiving Stuffing
My mother's wins

Georgetown Cupcake
Cheese cheese icing? Hold the lox

Za at Kendall Square
Za za zoom