Somerville: Sacco's Bowl Haven

Let's Eat by Kitty Kaufman

Kid parties start early Saturday. We're here at 10 and we're not first. For seven year-olds it would be hard to find a better place. Make all the noise you want. Heave the candlepin over your head, the alleys won't break. The shoes fit, balls are right size, water's cold and there's lemonade. No led lights, no bells, no whistles. This bowl is old school, just the way you remember. And the seven year-old picked it.

Sacco for everyone Everyone bowls at Sacco

motherboard Sacco motherboard: get the pizza

The bar at 10 am Sacco bar at 10 am

No one's drinking as the servers prep and shine. Lemonade with a touch of honey. Flatbread pizza is baking in an "all natural, wood fired, clay oven." Salad's organic: red peppers, onions, msuhrooms, corn and black beans. The crust is how you want it: made today with the wheat germ restored. Sauce is organic and made in a wood-fired cauldron. Kids being kids all ate plain, we ate the others and everything was gone in no time. It's Somerville at its best.

Sacco fire Sacco fire at 10 am

They start early Healthy flat bread
Kid parties at ten am: genius. Bowl from 10 to 11, then pizza and birthday cake. We bring our own and it's the only thing you can. Rest of the day is free. The house is clean and all that's left is naps and presents.

Best pizza. Really good. Super servers, used to kids. So good I'm having my birthday here next winter. Everyone's invited.

Sacco's Bowl Haven
45 Day St
Somerville, MA 02144
617. 776. 0552

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